The Idols judge started her fitness journey a few years ago and we’ve all been witness to how much healthier she has looked and felt since.

Instead of camping on her Instagram, craving the determination, we decided to ask the mother-of-two to give us tips we can use to be fitter and healithier.Speaking to Drum recently, Unathi listed 5 things we should all be doing.

1.“Rest rest rest!It’s important to sleep a lot when you’re on a fitness journey.”

 2.“Drink tons of water, your body needs it!” 

3.“Cut sugar out of your diet because it’s not only fattening but it also ages you. As soon I stopped consuming sugar, people were like ‘you look so young’”.

4. “Dairy as well, cut that out, as well as wheat.”

5. “Enjoy the journey, don’t see it as a chore or something negative. Find the fun in it, you’ll see the results!”