I dated my boyfriend for two months and when we eventually had sex, he said he enjoyed it.

But now all we do is talk on the phone. When we make plans to meet, he cancels. Do you think I didn’t satisfy him? ANONYMOUS, KHAYELITSHA


Keep in mind that relationships in the early stages can be very difficult to navigate as you don’t know each other yet and are mostly focused on how you feel and not looking at your partner’s behaviour.

This is a very risky stage as the relationship can move in any direction. Put it at the back of your mind not to expect anything, but you should also give it your all.

There are a lot of reasons why partners might decide to pull away after sex and some of them are not personal. Talk to your partner, even if it’s telephonically. He needs to know your position and how his behaviour makes you feel. It’s always important to have common ground even when you decide to close the chapter.