A former party girl after living a lifestyle of heavy drinking and binge-eating has people asking how she looks so young at 47 years old.

She puts it down to fasting for up to 21 days on water.

Nicola Arthur, a mom-of-two from Sydney, Australia, is looking more radiant than most people her age, but it wasn’t always this way.

When Nicola took on a hairdressing apprenticeship at age 17, she became more social and to fit in began indulging in a lifestyle of heavy smoking and binge drinking, sometimes two days in a row on weekends.

At 24 Nicola decided to make a change because she didn’t like the habits she’d picked up.


The mom-of-two had personal training sessions three times a week and during this time began preparing for fitness competitions to keep her on track and motivated. 

She quickly became obsessed with her new healthy regime and for 10 years would starve herself all day only to binge on sugary snacks in the evening.

It wasn’t until Nicola got married in February 2000 and fell pregnant with her first child, Lucia, in May 2002 that she found the motivation to really change her lifestyle and started only eating raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

“Once I found out I was pregnant I changed quickly to put my growing baby first. That changed everything,” she said.

“I didn’t want to hurt my special daughter growing inside of me. I had a very healthy pregnancy I practised and embraced all the natural pregnancy therapies like hypo therapy, meditation and massage.”


Nicola’s water fasting began in 2017. She warns that fasting isn’t without risks and shouldn’t be undertaken by people with certain conditions.

“Fasting is not for everyone and if you don’t have a healthy relationship with food, have bulimia or anorexia, are pregnant, or have type I or 2 diabetes you shouldn’t undergo fasting,” she said.

“If you fast you can expect increased energy, clarity of mind, less cravings, an improved digestive system, clearer skin and clear eyes.” Furthermore, on a fasting regime people tend to feel joyful and rejuvenated and they have renewed cells, defy ageing, eliminate inflammation and lose weight.

Nicola now runs detox retreats in Bali, Indonesia, and uses Instagram to educate and inspire her followers.

She’s writing her fourth book on water fasting and detoxing. 

Source: Magazine Features