According to People, Cardi admitted to a crowd of fans during a performance at the Beale Street Music Festival that she was meant to cancel the show because moving too much was, “gonna f*k up my lipo”. 

To which she added,

“But b*tch I’m still gonna get my motherf*ing money back, let’s go!”

The Money rapper was dressed in a body-hugging red sparkly jumpsuit.

WebMD says liposuction is the surgical removal of excess belly fat that can’t be removed through diet or exercise. 

According to MayoClinic, too much movement post-surgery can result in contour irregularities or the skin may appear to be bumpy, wavy or uneven which may be permanent. 

Cardi’s candid liposuction moment was received with an eruption of laughter and cheers from the crowd, this public announcement comes after she shared in an Instagram clip that she had lost too much weight post-birth which ultimately led to depression.