Investing in quality beauty products can cost a pretty penny.

But there’s an affordable alternative to those budget-munching products you simply can’t do without.

Best of all? This substitute is multipurpose – a one-stop solution to a variety of grooming dilemmas.

Baby powder is the age-old product that can be used for much more than its original purpose.

With these useful tips, your budget no longer has to suffer for beauty!

Oily hair? A dash of baby powder to the rescue

Sprinkle some baby powder onto your roots and comb through your hair until the powder is fully blended in.

For a better result – because it can make hair static – do this the night before so your hair can settle.

Bear in mind, though, that hair shouldn’t be too dirty, otherwise tiny white particles will stay behind in it.

An alternative to that costly mattifying face powder

Foundation tends to become oily as the day progresses. To avoid looking cakey, lightly dust some baby powder on your face and spread it in evenly.

Don’t apply too much powder. Unlike real face powder, which is made to soak into the skin, baby powder can look chalky when applied in excess.

A substitute primer

Before putting on eye shadow, apply some baby powder to your eyelids using your fingertips.  It prevents moisture forming on the eyelids, which makes the eye shadow last longer and prevents it fading.

It makes waxing less painful


Before a DIY wax at home, apply baby powder to the skin where you intend waxing.

The powder absorbs moisture on the skin, which means you won’t have to repeatedly wax the same spot.

Applying powder to the skin area also helps the wax hold onto the hairs, as opposed to your skin, making it less of a flinch-and-scream experience.

Takes away that stinky shoe smell


Here you have two options: if you’re wearing closed shoes but without socks (for example, pumps) you can pat some baby powder over your feet. It prevents feet sweating and creating unpleasant odours.

If it’s shoes worn with socks that are left with a pungent odour, throw the powder into the shoes. It will leave the shoes smelling fresh.

Turns glossy lipstick matte


Want the matte-lipstick-look à la Kylie Jenner but “unfashionable” glossy is all you own?

This is another case where baby powder comes to the rescue.

Lightly dab some powder over your lips and voila!

Lengthy lashes

This hack helps for getting thicker, lengthier lashes.

Apply the first coat of mascara, then dust baby powder onto your lashes.

You can then apply as many coats of mascara as you want.

Eyebrows on fleek – quick and easy

The obsession with perfectly sculpted eyebrows hasn’t died down, so here’s another way to ensure you’re trendy with thick brows.

First use a brow pencil to shape and fill in your eyebrows, then add baby powder to your brow brush and comb it through your eyebrows. This leaves brows looking plump.