An Australian model and influencer shared an image of her body 24 hours after giving birth to celebrate the “amazing human body”.

Hannah Polites says she was asked by her two-year-old daughter why her belly button “looks funny” but used the question as an opportunity to promote body positivity.

“She now knows that it’s because my body created a beautiful life and that’s bloody incredible,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a collage of her at 38 weeks pregnant and then 24 hours after delivery.

The 28-year-old welcomed son Arlo with her partner, Garth Small, on 2 June, reports The Metro.

“Although a little confronting for me, I want to be as real as possible with you all and share my postpartum body journey exactly how it is,” Hannah wrote in the caption.

“I was tired, pale and a little sore but so proud of what I’d just achieved the day before.

“The human body is so amazing and I’m so thankful that mine was able to grow, birth and now nurture my boy.”

She added she was in no rush to “bounce back” and wouldn’t work out for at least six weeks to focus on her family and new baby, reports

Her candid post racked up more than 82 000 “likes” and many of her 1,3 million followers commended the mom of two for not yielding to social media’s pressure to appear perfect.

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