Being on the receiving end of a breakup sucks, to say the least. But the way in which the other party calls off the relationship sometimes helps to soften the blow.

Unfortunately for one woman, it would seem her (now ex) boyfriend couldn’t care less about her feelings. Because the man in question dumped his girlfriend through an advert on Facebook.

Yup, you’ve read correctly.

According to The Mirror, an unnamed woman from Adelaide, Australia, discovered she was single after accidently coming across an advert her boyfriend posted in a Facebook group, in which he stated he was looking for a accommodation.

"Looking for a room in northern suburbs. I work full-time and have great references. I’m single and I’m drug/alcohol free. Willing to pay up to 200 a week (bills included)," the man wrote.

The woman’s sister later shared on Facebook that she made the shocking discovery while her boyfriend was asleep in a room in the house they shared.

The dumped woman, a mom-of-three, vented her anger in the comments section, much to the surprise of unsuspecting group members, adds.

"Ummm what the actual f**k babe?! Since when were you single and needing somewhere to live huh . . . [sic]" she began.

"What a great boyfriend you are . . . Just remind me again who the selfish one is . . . cos it seems that it's you not me. Considering I’m the one out there trying my hardest to find us and my three kids a house to live in and you have the audacity to put this up without a thought of us . . . [sic]"

The original post has since been deleted but screen grabs of the exchange was shared by another group, Sh*t Adelaide, on Instagram.

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