According to Metro UK, this mother-in-law chose to show her feelings towards her new daughter-in-law during the bridal photo session, where she can be seen holding her middle finger up.

In the pictures, which were shared on Imgur, the wedding guests can be seen standing next to the bride and smiling at the camera – but upon close inspection the woman, who is allegedly the mother-in-law, can be seen flipping out her middle finger while wearing a grin on her face – just a few steps away from the bride.

The pictures quickly went viral and were viewed over 6 000 times, prompting members of the Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming to share their bridezilla stories, Daily Star reports.

And while the bride may have found a nasty surprise while viewing her wedding pictures, she should be glad mom-in-law didn’t go as extreme as another one who showed up in a lacy white dress to her son’s wedding and then danced with the groom.