There are mothers and daughters that you just can’t tell apart and Brenda Mhlongo and Snikiwe Mhlongo are one of those.

The Queen actress and her Youtuber daughter are inseparable and that’s when fans began noticing their shocking similarities. Their closeness, however, is not limited to their looks but they have a very strong emotional connection too.

Speaking to Move!  Brenda described her relationship with Snikiwe.

“She tells me everything about her life but when it comes to boys, she shuts me out,” Brenda says with a chuckle.

21-year-old Snikiwe is building herself up to be an influencer and currently has her own YouTube channel.

“She reminds me of when I was her age. No one stopped me when I wanted to go into the entertainment space, why would I stop her?” Brenda asks. The both have a huge following on Instagram especially for their taste in style.

See the mother and daughter duo here: