The Lazy Makoti's Guide to the Kitchen is an authentic traditional South African cookbook that celebrates Mzansi’s heritage and culture through African meals. Locally, her book has been a bestseller and is currently on its fifth print run, “proving more popular than both Jamie Oliver and Ottolenghi,” reports Food24. 

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Speaking to True Love, the food enthusiast, says being internationally recognised was an honour she still can't get used to. “The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards are like the Olympics of cookbooks, so to have represented my country on a world stage was an honour in itself but being recognised as one of the best in the world just has me on cloud nine.” 

Mogau adds that her achievement has proved yet again that following your passion is the first step down the right path. “I'm extremely proud of myself,” she says. 

On what this award means to her, Mogau says, “This award is validation. I'm so happy that South African cuisine is finally getting the recognition and respect it deserves, especially after insisting on having food from our heritage in the book.” 

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What's next for The Lazy Makoti brand? “A TV show,” she enthuses. She’s already putting together ideas for the next book and looking to expand outside the borders of SA. “This year I headlined Zam Fest, Zambia 's biggest food and music festival, and I'm excited to do the same somewhere else on the continent. I want to take our unique food and heritage to the rest of the world,” Mogau concludes.