A woman, who is soon to have her leg amputated, reportedly wants to use the skin from her limb to make a handbag.

The 55-year-old from Manchester has peripheral arterial disease and will soon need to have her lower left leg surgically removed, reports Manchester Evening News.

The woman, known only as Joan, thought rather than letting her leg become medical waste, she’d hunt for a designer willing to use her skin to make a bag.

According Metro, she made her request to Sewport.com, who’ve created potential designs of the handbag and are hoping to connect her with designers who’ll be willing to work with human skin.


Joan’s budget is £3,000 (R55 500) and she’s hoping for a medium-sized bag with a short strap.

In her request Joan wrote, “I know it’s a bit odd and gross, and some might think I’m crazy, but it’s my leg and I can’t bear the thought of it being left to rot somewhere.

“It’s part of me and I want to keep it. My family aren’t exactly happy about my idea to do this.”

Sources: Manchester Evening News, Sewport.com, Metro