Three American grandmothers attending a wedding arrived wearing the same outfit – and it’s the best thing we’ve seen all day!

Alex Campisi uploaded a picture on Twitter revealing the fashion faux pas in response to American TV host Jimmy Fallon’s call for wedding fails, Metro UK reports.

Three of the bride and groom’s grandmothers arrived at the reception in matching navy lace gowns and navy shoes, Sun UK reports.

Alex uploaded a photo of the trio posing side by side smiling for the camera with the caption, "All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up to the wedding in the exact same dress!"

The tweet received more than 4 000 likes and users were quick to point out that this wasn’t a wedding fail.

“This is NOT a fail. How adorable!" one user tweeted.

"In fact, I'd call this a win-win!" another joked.

Someone else wrote: “I wouldn’t say that was a fail; they all looked really pretty and if anything had happened to the bridesmaids, they could have stepped right in! Or you could have just replaced them on the spot.”

Jimmy’s request has garnered many stories of wedding fails including one of a mother who turned up to her son’s wedding in a bridal dress because it was on sale.

Luckily these three grannies were unbothered by their matching attire and were more than happy to pose for pictures together.

Sources: Metro UK, Sun UK