Mary Bourne Butts (26) from Alabama in the US, who wed James Butt on 29 December, had the first dance at the reception with her wheelchair-bound dad Jim Roberts, USA Today reports.

Mary and Jim danced to Lee Ann Womack’s I Hope You Dance.

“We’d always planned to use the song,” the newlywed said. “We weren’t even sure how my dad was going to feel that day. We just knew we were going to do it somehow.”

A touching video of the dance, captured and posted by Blue Room Photography on Facebook earlier this month, has been viewed more than 500 000 times.

“Everybody was bawling, crying,” Mary told Good Morning America. “I had no idea the response that day was going to be so large. Everybody knew our situation and knew dad was in a wheelchair.

“To see my friends, their husbands, and these stoic men in my life with tissues was mind-blowing.”

In 2017, Jim was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a type of tumour that occurs in the brain and spinal cord, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The father-of-five underwent surgery to remove the tumour and spent 70 days recovering at Alabama University Hospital. He also underwent radiation and chemotherapy but his cancer returned, ABC News reports.

He’d been given a two-month prognosis and is being cared for in a hospice.

“My dad has been the best father that I could ask for,” Mary said. “He’s been such a provider and a spiritual leader for our family.

“He never spoiled us but we were always taken care of and he truly is all of our biggest supporter. And outside of my family, my dad has done an amazing job influencing our community.”

Mary said she’s been overwhelmed by the response the video received online.

“More people are praying for my dad because of this,” she said. “This five minutes of fame is really fun, really fun, but I hope people have been inspired by what they’ve seen, whether it’s something they missed out on in life or something they have but that they take for granted.”

Watch the video here:

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