What is the daily/weekly maintenance of a curly hairdo?


Curly hair is maintained with a finger comb and a spray, made of water and conditioner, which you apply every two-three days if it’s a wig, or daily if it’s a weave.

To make your own spray, fill a spray bottle with water, add a small amount of conditioner and shake well. This helps to define the curls. 


What is the best way to detangle a curly wig/weave?


A wide toothcomb, or even an Afro comb, works well. Just comb it lightly before shampooing it and then follow with a moisturising conditioner, and comb the section by section before rinsing off the conditioner. Focus on the back section because that’s where most of the friction occurs.


How often should you wash your curly hairdo and what is the correct technique of doing so?


Curly wigs and weaves are similar to our own natural texture. Because it’s not attached to any source of nutrients, there’s a likelihood of the hair becoming dry. I’d recommend that you wash it once a week.


The best way to wash a wig is by gently finger combing it in a downward motion when you’ve applied some shampoo and conditioner. Hold the hair under running warm water. Always use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. 


What must-have products should women invest in when they have curly styles?

  • A moisturising shampoo and conditioner. I love the Avon Argan Oil range and also Tresemmé Platinum range 
  • A curl activator. 
  • A leave-in conditioner. 
  • A diffuser attachment for your hairdryer – this will help you get more defined curls within minutes. 


What are some of the common mistakes women make when it comes to hair?


Not washing the weave or wig. Hair needs to be washed frequently to give it shine and bounce. A wig or weave is never a quick solution to your hair problems but rather an enhancement, which needs to be treated the same as your natural hair. A wash once a week or twice a month goes a long way in taking care of your hair extensions.