The common belief that women are strong is spot on. But we are even stronger than we know. When God got ready to create a woman, He only used a bone, not flesh. Bone is the strongest element of the body; so strong that it virtually cannot be broken in the same place twice. You can break the same bone, but once it’s fully healed, it will be thicker, denser and stronger in the region where the first fracture took place, making the chances of breaking it in exactly the same spot twice very nearly zero. 

That is how strong a woman is. 

A woman will carry and give birth both physically and spiritually, while simultaneously looking after her other children — even if she is forced to do it alone. She will lay aside feelings of loneliness, isolation and neglect for the precedence of what she believes lies ahead. She knows that giving birth to her baby, her purpose, her calling and all that lies within her means there are some things nobody can do for her. 

When it comes down to it, she will muster the strength to push out what God has placed within her. 

And yet she is tender at the same time — strong on the outside, but soft on the inside. She is both powerful and gentle. She possesses a strong mind but a soft heart, because she was created from a man’s rib (the same rib that covers and protects the heart). A woman was made to be loved. God did not take her from the head, to stand above a man. Nor from the foot, to be beneath him, but from the heart so she could be alongside him, and be loved and protected.

As women we have evolved. We have come a long way. And yet we strive to be better. There is something magical about the tenacity of a woman that does not permit her to quit. In all of her challenges, she has somehow managed to raise politicians, doctors, businessmen, presidents and world-changers, and is often at the helm of a success story. And the world has taken notice.

The word of God is full of great examples of powerful women who, despite challenges and opposition, were able to rise beyond their trials to be the catalysts that change cities and save entire nations. From the woman at the well with a questionable past, who got an entire city in Samaria saved, to Esther who used her beauty and wisdom to save the Jewish people from execution — the Bible is evidence that from the beginning of time to the present, we women have always possessed within us the ability to birth, influence and impact nations regardless of trials.

What a glorious time to be female. I am so proud to be a woman. I totally adore and am inspired by the beauty and resilience of women across the globe.

So while it’s becoming ‘fashionable’ to employ and promote women into senior positions, let us as women not only co-operate with gender parity by assisting each other to rise, but let’s be the most visible, loudest and greatest cheerleaders of each other. That PHD (Pull Her Down) syndrome is so outdated. This a new era where we empower, encourage and inspire each other to greater heights and where we fix each other’s crowns without telling anyone that it was crooked in the first place. Your success is my success.

“If you’re not going to win the race, don’t trip up the sister in front of you. Push her over the finish line so she breaks the world record.”

I am confident that we can get there. I have full belief in our capabilities and so does the enemy. In fact the devil is greatly aware of a woman’s influence and potential. That is why he’s sought to oppress and suppress us for so long in hope that we never discover who we are. 

But the devil is defeated. We are strong, we are powerful, we are amazing. So to all the strong women out there… Happy Sunday and stay blessed.