ARIES March 21-April 20 ***

When it comes to paid or unpaid work, look beneath the surface to find the answer to a problem. If you take the time to tap into your intuition, it will point you towards a satisfactory solution.

TAURUS April 21-May 21 ***

You’re in the mood to work on a personal passion project. But don’t neglect loved ones in the process. With some creative multitasking, you’ll find there’s plenty of time for both.

GEMINI May 22-June 21 ***

The planets boost romantic prospects and work-place relations. And you’ll find the more deeply you communicate with family, friends and colleagues, the more rewarding the day will be.

CANCER June 22-July 23 ***

You’re not in the mood for superficial encounters today Crabs. Pluto deepens the connections between you and loved ones, as you open up and share intimate secrets with someone special.

LEO July 24-Aug 23 ***

Powerful Pluto encourages you to get up-close-and-personal with family and friends today. So superficial interactions are discarded in favour of deep and meaningful connections with others.

VIRGO Aug 24-Sep 23 ***

Don’t let vague fears hold you back Virgo! Your motto for the moment is from birthday great Walt Disney. “All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.”

LIBRA Sep 24-Oct 23 ***

Have you been neglecting yourself? The current stars remind you to be proactive about your health and fitness, as you nurture your body with nutritious food and regular exercise.

SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22 ****

Close relationships and group dynamics are highlighted today, as Pluto strengthens emotional bonds and deepens connections. It’s also time to get extra passionate about a personal project.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23-Dec 21 ***

You need a break from all the hard work you’ve been doing so put aside time for some R & R at home. Some Sagittarians will play Domestic God or Goddess, and entertain in splendid style.

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20 ***

It’s a good day to understand your emotions and how they affect your close relationships. You’ll also feel like getting to the bottom of a complicated personal problem. Dig deep Capricorn.

AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19 ***

You won’t feel like being particularly social today Aquarius. So tackle individual projects, and catch up on unfinished personal business. Plus listen to what your intuition is telling you.

PISCES Feb 20-March 20 ***

Are you bored with the status quo? Action-planet Mars is in Pisces, which stimulates your restless side. So it’s time to stretch yourself in exciting new directions – physically, mentally and spiritually.


It’s time to get deep and meaningful with a loved one.


The more organised you are, the more productive and pleasurable the coming year will be. But strive to be more sensitive to the feelings of loved ones.

Copyright Joanne Madeline Moore 2018