There are hordes of dating trends to consider and each one is as painful to experience as the next.

Ever been benched? (Where your significant other leaves you on the backburner while deciding whether you’re actually hot enough to date.)

Or ghosted? (Your potential suitor disappears without warning after your last date and all you’re left with is questions.)

What about stashed? (He’s met your parents, friends and even work colleagues. But you, poor lass, don’t even get a mention during a phone call where he’s describing his day and you’re right next to him.)

Well, in waltzes a new dating trend: breezing. And it is way less painful than any of the other heart-breakers. 

Breezing is exactly what the word says it is – being cool and calm with a drizzle of genuine in your budding relationship.

There are no expectations or demands and there’s certainly no pressure. The two of you simply enjoy it for what it is.

To breeze means to actually answer that text the minute you see it and not wait two hours, just to seem chilled about him. Because truth is, you are chilled and you realise a quick response won’t make you seem desperate.

Or making the first move, initiating things most would consider the other person’s job. There are no rules, remember.


Breezing has its benefits.

You can avoid the anxiety that comes with planning which game you’ll play with him next, or the stress of trying to figure out where you stand with one another.

You’re also simply being yourself. By putting forward the honest version of you, you make it easier to spot who’s not for you based on how they treat the real you.

Breezing is obviously easier said than done. As women, we tend to look for security and identification in our relationships before we give our love and attention to someone.

But for those who find themselves with a breezy guy who they’re really into, turn down the heat a few notches. You could just win him over by beating him at his own game.