Marriage is not as it easy as it looks, even for celebrities who look like they have it together, it is a commitment that comes with a lot of work, pain and sacrifice. Dr Aaron Lechuti, the author of Marriage Boosters shares nuggets of wisdom in the book after his marriage was on the verge of collapse because of was unfaithful to his wife.

“Marriage Boosters is an aid to help couples with day-to-day issues, how to handle conflict and how to relate better,” he says. His wife, Onica Lechuti says while the marriage was crumbling, divorce was not on her mind, she was committed to fighting for her marriage and family. The couple has dedicated themselves to coaching others about sustaining a healthy marriage. Dr. Lechuti says: “Divorce is hectic. It leaves people scared and deeply hurt. Its effects are long-term, beyond the paper work there emotional struggles, trauma, confusion and fear.”

Below are 5 boosters in the book:

  • Love: It is a bond, a commitment and an expression of care, regard, respect and intimacy for one another.
  • Commitment: Commitment a marriage booster, it makes the other partner feel wanted and secure. Commitment means readiness and willingness to be there for the other partner.
  • Respect: Any person who feels respected in a relationship will go out of their way to please their partner.
  • Communication: Proper communication addresses misconception and establishes the truth.
  • Forgiveness: One of the best ways to show your spouse how much you love them is through forgiveness.

“Before considering divorce, they must not be emotional instead they should take a cooling-off season meaning, a moment of separation to find themselves. More importantly they must seek help first,” he says.