Bored, miserable or just yearning for some romance? It’s time to shake things up! After all, dating doesn't have to stop once you’re in a committed relationship or just because you’re married.

Where's the fun in that?

All you need is a bit of imagination, so tap into your creativity and make a game out of it by taking turns in surprising each other with a day/night out. One week your partner plans the date, and the next week it’s your turn. You can even drop a few clues during the week to build up the excitement.

If money is tight, choose three less expensive options to do at home, with only one splurge, maybe month-end.

Here are five fun date ideas that won't burn a hole in your wallet either:

Plan a Picnic

Get creative. Do you have a favourite lunch or supper that you both enjoy? Pack it up in containers, add a bottle of wine and head for a scenic picnic spot. This can be on the beach, overlooking a breathtaking view, or even in your own back garden underneath the stars.

Bring out the Kid in You

Leave your troubles at the door with this one. Go enjoy an ice-cream sundae or a milkshake, play video games at the local arcade, roll down a hill, or have a cookie baking contest in your kitchen. Just let loose, laugh, play around, and have fun.

Get Silly with Games

Go out ten-pin bowling, compete in a game of friendly putt putt, or try out your racing car skills at the go-kart track. If you're looking for a date night at home, buy a few snacks and have fun competing against each other over some Xbox games, (and especially if they belong to your kids!)

Play Tourist for a Day

Pack in your camera and put on your comfy shoes. You can either surprise your partner with the destination, or if you're choosing one together, you can write up a list of nearby towns that you've been wanting to visit and draw one from a hat. Go have coffee at a bistro, explore the market, pretend you're on holiday - if only for a day.

Get Back in Touch with Nature

Visit an animal farm, go on a wine farm tour, walk through a nature reserve, go swimming at the beach, or go for a hike up into the mountains. You can pack a few snacks, go for lunch or an early supper in the area, or even pack your own picnic.

The trick to planning a date with your long-time partner is to keep things fun and interesting.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go on and plan that surprise date for your partner!

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