Even “till death do us part” did not mean the end for these star-crossed lovers

Jen An-ni, from Taoyuan City IN North Taiwan, was tragically run over by a reversing shuttle bus just hours before her 32nd birthday in September. She died instantly.

Jen, who met her fiancé Lu Chun-hsien 13 years ago, is said to have been visiting a local hospital for her allergies when the tragic accident took place.

The blushing bride-to-be had planned to marry her university sweetheart on 1 October this year, but instead her loved ones were left mourning her loss at her wedding-themed funeral.

The shuttle bus driver, who has since been arrested and charged with manslaughter, says he did not notice her and reversed over the bride-to-be as she walked behind the vehicle, which instantly crushed and killed her.

The driver was forbidden from attending Jen’s funeral, which was arranged almost single-handedly by the brave groom, who insisted on a white, pure theme funeral to give his fiancée the “wedding of her dreams”.

Pictures of the gorgeous bride in her wedding gown – which was taken before the tragic accident took place – were placed throughout the beautifully decorated venue.

At the funeral service, Lu put a wedding band on his deceased love’s left ring finger.

Family members simply can’t believe the tragedy had struck just five days before the couple’s long-awaited wedding.

Source: Magazine Features