1)      Lack of communication

Communication isn’t just about people having a conversation – it includes talking, being attentive and giving more calculated responses. Most couples find it easier to communicate about issues on the surface but don’t engage about the deeper and uncomfortable issues. It becomes a problem in a marriage because expectations are not met by the partners due to the lack of effective communication.

2)      Not sharing the same vision

People sometimes marry for the wrong reasons and because of that couples might have different values regarding the union. Each partner might have their own ideas of how to build and raise a family. This becomes a problem when the couple cannot meet each other halfway.

3)      Lack of commitment

An individual’s poor level of commitment in a marriage may cause problems. For example: If a person gets married because of the benefits it will bring, this means they are staying purely for personal gain. If their expectations are not met or if things don’t go as planned, that individual will waste no time staying in the marriage. True commitment is about how willing the couple is to fix the issues in the marriage. It’s about working things through even when things get tough.

4)      Abuse

Abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, verbal and even financial. Neglect is also a form of abuse in a marriage. The cycle abuse creates is unhealthy and stifles the growth of both partners in the marriage. With the ongoing cycle of abuse, problems in the marriage don’t get resolved in an effective manner.

5)      Lack of intimacy

A lack of intimacy may have partners question whether they are compatible and if they like the same things sexually. Furthermore, a lack of satisfaction may lead to one of the partners – or both – walking out on the relationship or engaging in extra-marital affairs.

6)      Infidelity and betrayal

In a marriage that’s had multiple acts of infidelity and betrayal, it’s hard to build and maintain trust. Repairing the trust requires a lot of commitment. Both partners need to open up and become vulnerable in order to rebuild the marriage – this is one of the hardest things to do.