The Sneeze-y Way Out
How to do it: Warn him about this in advance, or he'll think you've gone nuts. Keep a pepper-shaker by the bed and as you approach the brink of bliss, get him to sprinkle a dash of pepper under your nose. If you can time your sneeze to coincide with your orgasm, you'll be blown away in more ways than one. That's because, according to experts, sneezing releases the same endorphins as an orgasm and also causes a rapid alteration of your oxygen level that intensifies your climax.

Don't be too generous with the pepper or you'll be sneezing all night!

The Christmas Box
How to do it: Fill a box with slips of paper, each with a sexy idea written on it. (Make sure you contribute equally.) Take turns to select an idea, and then do what it says. The only rules are that you mustn't write something you know your partner hates, or is injurious to health (such as abandoning safe sex). How about dressing up, trying unusual positions or watching a really raunchy film together?

Tip: Instead of a Christmas present, give your partner an IOU slip promising a sexual favour to be redeemed at a later date.

The Jolly Jigsaw
How to do it: You lie on your side. He lies down facing you and then straddles your bottom leg and rests your top leg around his waist. You should fit together like two puzzle pieces, hence the name of the position.

Tip: To maximise momentum, he should grab your thigh like the oar of a slave galley and pull you against him when he thrusts.

South Pole Position
How to do it: He lies flat, arching his back and holding his penis so that it points south towards his feet. You straddle his thighs with your back to his face, and reverse into pole position. The result? His penis is bent down, but straining to go in its natural direction. This new angle makes you feel fuller by putting pressure on different areas of your plumbing.

Tip: He should be sure to hold his penis while you're riding him so he can maintain his aim and avoid a snap-and-crackle before he pops!

Bonkarama Special
How to do it: You lie on your stomach, keeping your legs together. He straddles you. To make his grand entrance easier, he holds your bottom up in the air so that your belly is pressed into the mattress. He slips into you, leaning on his forearms for support.

Tip: If you can't get the right angle, slide a big pillow under your lower body so that you're sloped in the right direction.

Cherry on the Fruitcake
How to do it: He should slide about 8cm up from the missionary position, but with his legs on the outside. He then cups his arms around your shoulders and lies flat against you. You tilt your pelvis up, which creates a more erotic up-and-down motion.

Tip: If you want him to fish in deeper waters, you can spread your inner thighs wider and wrap your ankles around his calves.

Under the Table
How to do it: He should sit at the edge of the table. You sit on the side next to him that's the opposite of your dominant hand – to his right if you're left-handed, and vice versa. He slouches down, slips his penis out of his pants and you gently rub it up and down under the table. This will drive him so crazy, you'll probably find yourselves skipping desserts and heading for home after the first course.

Tip: Giving him a hand job under the table at a restaurant is tricky because you both have to maintain your composure and armchair rests may obstruct your access. That's why you should always choose your location carefully, with armless chairs and extra-long tablecloths. Try not to grin too broadly at passing waiters, or they'll come and start chatting!

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