Christmas is a time for giving and receiving – so why shouldn't that include the kind of gift your man won't forget in a hurry? Try these Yuletide tips:

Saucy Santa Claus
How to do it: He sits in an armless chair that's narrow enough for you to comfortably straddle him. You then hop on his pogo stick and bounce up and down to your heart's content.
Tip: Ask him to keep his feet together and tilt his hips upwards. This angle gives you a good grinding surface to work against. You and Santa will soon be jingling a lot more than bells!

The Festive Tree
How to do it: You bend over until you can touch the rim of the Christmas tree container. He stands behind you, knees bent and legs shoulder-width apart. Holding your hips for balance, he slowly enters you.
Tip: If you find you keep toppling over, hold onto the tree trunk for support – but try not to shake off all the Christmas decorations!

Santa's Little Helpers
How to do it: Invest in a vibrator and a tube of lubricant. (Both are available from sex shops and certain pharmacists.) Sex toys are fun to play with in almost any position, but one that's always successful is when he enters you from behind at a slight downward angle so that his penis hits your G-spot (located two-thirds of the way up on the front wall of your vagina). You then use the vibrator on your clitoris while he brings his hands around to fondle your breasts.
Tip: A vibrator inside you rubbing against your G-spot while he goes down on you doubles the pleasure.

X-Miss Special
How to do it: Invest in some sexy black lingerie – G-strings, garter belts, stockings and perhaps a lacy camisole – and do a special lap dance just for him. Rehearse with music a few times on your own so you feel comfortable when the time comes to give him a proper striptease.
Tip: Professionals often use a chair as a prop. And, remember, don't hang up that Christmas stocking – you have to wear it!

Contemporary Friction
How to do it: Hearing something hot and sexy is a real turn-on for both men and woman, especially when you're in a public place. What you say isn't as important as how you say it. You have to really focus all your sexual energy on him and let him hear the urgency in your voice. Keep your voice down to a low whisper. A high, shrill voice is a turn-off. Besides, what you have to say is for his ears only. Trying to figure out exactly what to say can be tricky. Go too far and he'll think you're a pervert. The best guideline is to say something just slightly dirtier than you have in the past. Most of us like hearing the really graphic stuff, as long as it comes at the right time.
Tip: Read erotic books if you're stuck for ideas on what to say.

Crouching Tsotsi, Hidden Weapon
How to do it: You lie on your back with your knees pulled to your chest. He crouches on top of you. His body should be a few centimetres north of the missionary position, so that his weapon presses against your alarm button every time he pushes in or pulls out.
Tip: If he feels tired, let him lean on your legs for support.

The Praying Mantis
How to do it: Find somewhere to sit that's about half a metre lower than his pelvis. Be adventurous. Try the bonnet of his Beamer or his office desk after hours. He stands at the edge. You lean back on your elbows and let your feet rest on his shoulders. He hoists up your buttocks with his hands so that your back forms a straight line, your pelvis is tilted upwards and your crotches are rubbing together.
Tip: Do it in front of a mirror for extra stimulation.

Which other sexy Christmas suggestions do you have? Tell us in the box below.