So, you and your (wo)man want to keep the fire burning, but you’re not always in the same house, town, or country. You decide to send them him or her a naughty message, but you have no idea what to say. No worries. Here’s how to get kinky without being creepy:

1.    Be imaginative
Think of it as writing a story. Be descriptive. The more creative the sexting is, the more vivid the image and his erection. And you’re not lying on your couch wearing your teddy bear pj’s, you’re wearing sexy lingerie, or, better yet, you’re completely naked, waiting to be ravished.

2.    Don’t be afraid to say things
Often you can find out what your partner really likes or tell them what you want to do next time you’re in the sack together through sexting. If you want him to go down on you or pull your hair, say so. Ten to one, he/she will remember what you said and try it next time you’re getting down and dirty.

3.    Don’t kill the mood
Sometimes, while waiting for your partner to reply, your mind wanders, and it’s not always going to wonder about sexy things, but do not let this on to your partner. Nothing spoils the mood more than telling your lover that you think you should go see a doctor because you haven’t pooped in a week.

4.    Be complimentary
Tell them that what they’re describing is good and how much it’s turning you on. Say things like “You’re (or that’s) so sexy”, “I love when you’re naughty”, or “You’d look so beautiful in that position”. Believe me, it helps.

5.    Don’t get creepy
Yes, we encourage you to tell your partner that you like a bit of hair-pulling, or you like it a certain way, but don’t, and I mean DO NOT make jokes about voyeuristic things like urinating on each other or about hitting your partner. Unless you both have a mutual understanding, and are into these kinds of things, it will kill the mood immediately.

Do you have any other tips? Tell us in the box below.