We asked around. We giggled a lot. We made a list of ten. Enjoy.

1. "Don't stress; it happens to everyone." Maybe if you are over 40, but if you are under 40, dude... it doesn't happen to everyone.

2. "It's HUGE." If not coupled with an instruction not to try any of the more penetrative positions, she doesn't mean it.

3. "Phwoooar!" No woman ever means "phwooar". Trust me. If she did, she'd be making a different noise altogether.

4. "It's the best I have ever had. No, really." In fact, anything coupled with 'no, really', is a lie.

5. "Gosh, I've never done THAT before." Translation: I really don't want to do that, ever again.

6. "No, I adore giving blowjobs. No, really."

7. "I don't really like foreplay." I am so sorry I ever began this. How quickly can I get it to end?

8. "Please don't wait for me to come." See point 7.

9. "I have never been that big on kissing"... people with bad breath.

10. "I find back hair really sexy. No, really."

Ladies, can you add to this list? Any men want to share their secret sex lies? Please do so below (but don't be so gross that we have to edit it out, okay?)