Want better sex? Maybe you should look for a partner who is richer or funnier.

New research focused on college women in committed, heterosexual relationships and quizzed them on the frequency and intensity of their orgasms. It seemed how often they reached climax was linked to intensity, which in turn was improved by a man who is funny, self-confident and comes from a wealthy family.

The study, carried out by the University of Albany in New York, asked women about their partner’s body measurements, family income, personality and looks. The women’s friends were also asked, to get a more accurate picture.

“Sense of humour not only predicted a self-confidence and family income, but it also predicted women’s propensity to initiate sex, how often they had sex, and it enhanced their orgasm frequency in comparison with other partners,” the researchers said.

So in short: the more often women orgasmed during sex, the more intense they were. And the ideal mate to provide this powerful climax was a man with broad shoulders, a healthy inheritance on the way and a sense of humour.

Of course this doesn’t mean hilarious hunks with a bulging trust fund are the only worthy bachelors out there (although it does sound tempting). It’s also worth noting this study only took heterosexual relationships into account.

One thing’s for sure: a partner who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and can make you laugh will always be attractive. If that equals better sex, then who are we to argue?

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