Reader: Hi Jade. My sex life is great, but sometimes I don’t ejaculate and I get very tired. I’m 73, but still enjoy sex. What is my problem?

Jade: There are various reasons for why you don’t climax. It could be physical, psychological or even induced by medication – for example, supplements you’re taking. Try to take away the anxiety about having an orgasm by continuing to focus on enjoying the act of sex itself. Work on being close with your partner. Let them pleasure you without the expectation of reaching orgasm.

Reader: I’m diabetic (type 2) and 63 years old. How can I improve my sex drive? I’m very weak.

Jade: Studies have shown that diabetic men have about twice the risk of low testosterone. This can significantly affect a man’s sexual desire. Speak to your healthcare provider about possibly doing testosterone therapy. This has yielded positive results for some affected by diabetes.

Reader: I’ve been married for seven years and have two kids, but I’m struggling to impregnate my wife. I don’t have diabetes or hypertension and my wife even saw a gynae, but nothing is wrong. What can we do? Maybe my sperm count is low.

Jade: A number of factors can affect fertility. These include age, stress and lifestyle (drinking, smoking and so on). You should see your doctor about running some tests on you too if it’s been longer than a year that you’ve been trying.

Reader: I am gay and I want to have sex with my partner. Is it painful when penetrating the anus?

Jade: There is discomfort that comes with anal sex. You may feel like you need the bathroom. Relaxing and remembering to breathe can go a long way in helping you enjoy yourself. Use a condom and ample water-based lubricant. Start off on a smaller scale with fingers or a toy smaller than your partner’s penis. He should be gentle when entering you and you should communicate with each other throughout. You may find that you are more relaxed when you are lying on your back hoisted by a pillow when he enters you. Try various positions to find your comfort level.

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