Of course, the nineties are back! Wearing styles from the 80s and 90s have gone mainstream, and since Mother's Day is looming, we opted for a fun fashion challenge. 

Dressing like our moms did back in the day. 


My mom was in her 20s during the late ‘70s-early ‘80s. This is probably why she owned a lot of platform heels because they were trendy back then. So I knew when I took up this challenge that I wouldn’t struggle shoe-wise because I too wear platforms often thanks to their revival.

She also mostly wore (floral) dresses over collared shirts and this is the staple look I reimagined this week.

The result

I wore a short burgundy A-line dress over a crisp white shirt, sheer stockings and nude mid-heel court shoes. I opted for the court shoes instead of platforms because I figured it’s also quite a cute coincidence that I own the same pair of shoes (in a different colour) my mom also had about 35 years ago (see above, 3rd from left).


It only recently dawned on me that the pictures of my mom I used to swoon over as a child shaped my love for any and everything Mediterranean. In her 20s she was on holiday in Greece and I remember how this aesthetic always intrigued me. She often wore red and it worked in such beautiful harmony with her surroundings - those pops of colour and her white blouses.

She carried her love of pairing white and red through to her 30s when my brother and I were little, updating her look over the years by adding accessories like clip-ons and neck-scarves.

Another key item she always wore (and loves even to this day) is a single gold bracelet. So chic.

The result

I opted for a peasant-style blouse I once got from MRP and a vintage silk scarf, tying it around my bun instead of my neck. Adding some red Chanel Rouge Allure lip colour, gold clip-ons, and polishing the look off with that signature gold bracelet, this is definitely I look I can get behind.


My mom's style was very laid-back and very much about comfort. As is evident in this photo, she particularly liked wearing flared skirts with chunky, oversized tops. She steered clear from anything bold.

Since we're out of winter and because I don't own any oversized shirts, I decided to pair this mid-brown skirt with a polka dot blouse. Voila!

Images: Supplied