The water situation in Cape Town is dire. With #DayZero looming, restrictions are tougher and conserving water is more important than ever. Even Jozi is beginning to feel the impact of this crisis and have been urged to continue saving water.

In fact, according to many news outlets, level one restrictions are still in place even though Gauteng has seen some rain over the last few months.

This week we’re asking you to share some of the tips that you’re employing to lessen your water usage. Using dry shampoo instead of washing your hair as often as you used to? Gathering up your washing machine water and reusing it elsewhere?

Whatever it is, we want to hear it. We’ll be featuring all of your responses in a forthcoming article and the winning letter will receive a Spree shopping voucher with R200. Get those entries and tips in.

In last week’s newsletter we asked you to share some of the goals you’ve already achieved in January.  Our winner of that challenge is Heather Carley, who has won herself a Spree voucher to the value of R200.

In her winning letter, Heather speaks about how she’s learning to stop living the pack rat life and finally letting go of things she no longer wants or needs.

She says:

“I made it my quest to start regaining control of my life by 'letting go' of things which no longer serve a purpose other than to take up space and clutter up my life. I adopted the 'eat an elephant one bite at a time' approach and systematically went through my home, room-by-room. I bought three large moving boxes and labelled each as: Donate, Keep and Sell.

“At the end of the clear-out, the Donate box was overflowing and more containers had to be bought. The joy of giving and the happiness shown by the grateful recipients inspired me to sell or keep way less than I originally intended. It also helped me to firmly rid myself of useless items I would otherwise have continued to hang on to for sentimental reasons or otherwise.”

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