As busy women, our lives tend to feel almost overcrowded with activity so we need to find ways to organise it better or prioritise it in order to make more time to do what you would like to do. We have compiled a list of our top 4 life hacks in order to cut down your time spent on errands and tasks: 

1. Chop off some of your kitchen time:

Try shop once a week, get the groceries done all in one go and you’ll save loads of time going back and forth to the shops every day – even better get your groceries delivered. Pre-planning will also help you to stick to your budget and healthier home cooked meals rather than just grabbing takeaway when you are too tired to go to the shops for ingredients, or didn’t have time to pack your lunch (again). It’s also time to become the queen of the one pot wonders. Tasty meals all in one pot, or even a slow cooker save you time and on the washing up afterwards! When it comes to cleaning up get the whole family to help out (especially if you have kids) and turn emptying the dishwasher into a game; everyone should try and beat their personal best in being the fastest to unload a full dishwasher.

2. Streamline your style:

Do regular clean outs of your wardrobe to weed out the clothes that you know you won’t wear again, and thereby de-clutter your wardrobe. A good idea is also to plan your outfits for the week on a Sunday evening and put them on one side of your closet, thereby minimising the amount of time you will spend on thinking of what to wear, or on trying on various outfits. Many executives of large corporates also recommend deciding on a work ‘’uniform’’ such as jeans and shirts, to cut down on time and stress picking outfits in the morning and say it can even help with productivity.    

3. Master multi-tasking:

As a busy student, professional or parent, you know that every minute counts, time to take a look at how you spend your time, minimizing time wasting activities and find out how to use your ‘spare’ moments more effectively.  Wipe down the kitchen counters while waiting for your tea to draw, fold laundry while watching Suits or let the slow-cooker do the cooking for you while you’re at work – get the idea? If you're looking to save some time on your chores, find out if there's a service or feature that will do it automatically for you, like bill-paying to refilling your prescriptions and grocery deliveries. Just remember all these multi-tasking strategies are there to help you get through your chores quicker so you have time to switch off and spend quality, engaged time with the people in your life or doing what you love, so remember when the laundry is folded and meals cooked take time to switch off and breathe.

4.Bank a little smarter:

Banking is usually the bane of all of our existences, and banking apps have become the saviour to our everyday pain. Now instead of taking large portions out of your day to stand in endless queues, and fill out slip after slip, you just need to log onto your app, anywhere, anytime and get everything you need done. Apps like Capitec’s allows you to make payments, buy electricity or airtime, stop and/or dispute debit orders, transfer money between accounts, stop lost or stolen cards, view or email tax interest certificates as well as many more without leaving the comfort of your couch. Plus they've also just won Best Digital Bank in the SITEisfaction 2017 survey. 

Other than time, Capitec also allows you to save money by using their app. It is free to download and there is no monthly subscription, it is free to use (you pay no data charges to use the app), app transactions cost less than transactions made at branches, and you can even manage your budget to make sure you are not wasting money. The Capitec app respects both your time and your money. Join South Africa's best digital bank and make your time (and money!) work for you.