We all love brunch, and summer sunshine and holidays mean we get to soak up the sun while enjoying time with the girls everyday of the week!

It's that magical combination of breakfast, lunch, mimosas and sunglasses and the reason we love it so much comes down to a simple combination; food + good company + and great environment = happiness.

More than a meal, it’s a social get together we simply cannot say no to. So try our makeup tutorial on a classic make-up look with a pop of colour to help you look gorgeous for the next brunch with the girls. 


1. Foundation - Clarins Everlasting Foundation To create a flawless canvas, I am using the Clarins Everlasting Foundation in the shade Hazelnut. The foundation is medium with a buildable coverage. I am pleased with the flawless coverage and natural finish of the foundation. The shade range is inclusive, yay! Don’t we all love a brand that caters to all the skin shades. The foundation is so ideal for a long summer’s day because it is lightweight and long wearing.

2. Powder - Clarins Everlasting Compact Powder To set my foundation I am using the Clarins Everlasting Compact Powder in the shade Coffee. This will reduce the likelihood of my foundation wearing-off, especially if my day involves being outdoors, in the sun. Speaking of sun, I don’t looking like a glazed doughnut! Don’t get me wrong I love a little glow on the cheeks but not an all-over glow on the face. So the powder will assist in keeping the oily prone areas matte. It’s so sleek and compact in design AND it has a mirror. Thank you, Clarins, Lol! So If I need to touch up during the day, I can just pop it out of my bag and go back slaying. Ooops….I meant to say flourishing. 

3. Bronzer - Clarins Bronzing Palette After applying foundation my face tends to face appear flat. So to add depth to my face I am using the Clarins Bronzing Palette. I am applying this by sweeping it across the sides of my forehead, below my cheek bones and below my jawline. Second to foundation a bronzer is my favourite makeup product to use, it warms up my face beautifully. This bronzer is a limited edition and the packaging is STUNNING. Don’t say I did not tell you, incase you decide to get when it’s sold out.

4. Blush - Clarins Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour (in Tawny Pink - a favourite for my complexion)To add a subtle flush to my cheeks, I am using the Clarins Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in the shade Tawny Pink. I’m not really a blush girl, can you tell? Lol. But it was needed though.

5. Eyeshadow - Clarins Ombré Iridescente Eyeshadow (in Silver Rose)To add some ‘shimmer and shine’ to my eyes I am using the Clarins Ombré Iridescente Eyeshadow in the shade Silver Rose. I am using my finger to sweep it across my mobile lids. It’s the easiest way to apply it and the quickest, lol. I like how it doesn’t look like I have tried hard and you and I now both know that I have certainly not but stills looks like I have put in some effort. It is really pigmented, two sweeps and my lids were popping!

6. Mascara - Clarins Wonderperfect  Mascara To coat my eyelashes I am using the Clarins Wonderperfect Mascara. This is a three in one mascara; it adds volume, length and curls your eyelashes. So let me tell you, I had every intention to apply strip false eyelashes for this look but after coating my lashes. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this mascara so much so that I even forgot to apply the false eyelashes. Now that’s what a good mascara does, it’s a definite win!

7. Lips - Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipstick (in Spicy Chili - because we all need a little spice in our lives)This look would not be complete without colour. So to add the cherry to the cake I am using the Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipstick (in Spicy Chili). It has a stunning satin finish that leaves my lips feeling hydrated. It comes in twenty beautiful shades ranging from nudes, plums to reds.

8. Fixing Spray - Clarins Fix Makeup Refreshing Mist Lastly, I am using the Clarins Fix Makeup Refreshing Mist. In a nutshell; it sets the makeup products on my face and ensures that my make up lasts long. 

This post is sponsored by Clarins produced by Naidene Maitland for BrandStudio24 on W24.