The dry skin problem

There are billions of dry skin sufferers across the globe, most of whom are using dry skin products on a regular basis. Dry skin is caused by a lack of moisture in the epidermis, which causes the skin to feel rough and itchy, and in more severe cases causes the skin to flake, crack and bleed.

Factors that cause dry skin include sun exposure, climate extremes and daily washing. Hot water and soap strip away the skin’s oily layer, causing moisture to escape; heat, cold and wind all have the effect of drawing moisture through the skin’s oily layer into the outside air. Dry skin is likely to worsen with age as the skin’s natural oily layer thins, making it less able to hold moisture.

The current solution

Traditional dry skin products such as creams, lotions and body butters are made mostly from water, which is of little use to dry skin as water evaporates when it comes into contact with skin – that’s what causes the cold sensation you feel when applying these products. It’s a common misconception that water adds moisture to your skin. In fact, your skin’s moisture comes from within, and is maintained by a thin oily layer on the surface of the skin.

There are only two ways to help improve dry skin. The first and most important is to stop moisture escaping by using an oil (or butter or wax). The second is to bind moisture to the outer layer of the skin using an ingredient called a humectant. Humectants only dissolve in water, which is why creams and lotions contain water – usually around 70%. The problem with cream is that while the product is trying to get humectants to bind to the skin, the vast majority of the product is being repelled by the skin through evaporation!

New innovation from Bio-Oil®

From the world’s leading scar and stretch mark product, comes the next generation in the treatment of dry skin. Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel takes the existing dry skin technology of creams, lotions and body butters and improves on it by replacing the in-active water (usually around 70%) in these formulations, with oil, making the product 100% active. It then delivers this formulation in a breakthrough new gel format.


When using a cream, you need to apply a large amount because the water content in the cream evaporates when coming into contact with your skin. Because Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is oil-based, substantially less product needs to be used to cover the same body area. Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel contains no preservatives, is dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types.

Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is available at pharmacies and select retail outlets nationwide in 50ml (R59.99), 100ml (R109.99) and 200ml (R184.99). For further information, visit