Listen up ladies - It’s time to ask that crush out or spice up your relationship and make date plans! 

Here’s our ‘how to’ in order for you to pull off a flawless date, whether you are in a committed relationship or it’s a first date:

1. Make sure you clear the day with your date first 

The worst thing is if you plan a perfect day for you and your date and you find out that they can’t make it and you have to reschedule everything. Avoid this by first checking with your date whether they are free on the desired day.

2. Get a feel for what your date is interested in

Take time to get to know your date before the two of you go out. Find out what they are interested in, what their hobbies are. For example, don’t make the mistake of taking a date who hates the outdoors on a hike, or similarly someone who hates fish to a seafood restaurant. Make sure the venue of the date is a place you would both enjoy. 

3. Make reservations 

It is always wise to make reservations well ahead of time, plus having an organised plan may help calm any first date nerves. Get as much of the prep work done before the actual date as you can so you can also relax and enjoy the experience. 

4. Have a backup plan

A kiss in the rain may sound romantic but a picnic in one doesn’t. If the weather has been a little unpredictable lately make sure that you always have a plan B, a fall back option in case of unforeseen circumstances. It is a good idea to have a list of options for your date, so if one falls through you can always move on to another one off of your list. 

5. Be creative with your plans

Whereas going to a movie is almost synonymous with dates, it is not very practical as the movie prevents from you actually getting to know your date. In order to make your date memorable you have to do something that is unique – whether it is a picnic outdoors, tickets for show or event, or even an art class, an activity you can do together will help keep the conversation flowing. So try to go against the grain and wow your crush with your stellar plans and creativity. 

6. Look your best

Confidence is key in making any date a success and looking good could help you feel great! Just an item of clothing that you love, fits you well (you don’t want to be tugging on a top that’s falling down all evening!) and makes you feel confident. If it is a day date try for a more casual look such as jeans paired with a pretty top and cardigan, or a sundress and a denim jacket. When it comes to your makeup, let your own natural beauty shine through and try not to overdo it. Go for defined brows and smooth-looking skin such as the Off-Camera Natural from Clinique and Jessica Nkosi. This look will help to accentuate your natural look. 

If you are going to have an evening out and would prefer a glam look, try some simple tricks like adding a formal blazer, a pair of high heels, or an evening top with tailored trousers. Add a splash of this season’s hot colour, gold, and your look will take you anywhere! For the perfect makeup look for your night out, try CliniquexJessica Nkosi’s Red Carpet Look, which puts emphasis on a bold lip colour – like a deep red. Because you are highlighting your lips, go for a more subtle look for the rest of your face – such as defined brows and a classic look for your eyes. Whether you are attending a fine dining restaurant or watching a live performance at the theater, choose an outfit that is both versatile and will highlight how beautiful you are.

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7. Be on time

The surefire way to put you in your date’s good books is to treat them with respect and that begins with their time. If you tell them that the date will begin at 6pm, make sure you are there on time. Small gestures like these go a long way to set the tone of the evening and the relationship as a whole.

8. Ask for a second date

Skip the tension of waiting for your date to call, or analysing every detail to decide if the date was a success or not. If you enjoyed the first date, bring up an idea for a second date and set plans to see them again before bidding farewell to your date. This will not only show your date you enjoyed your date but give them a chance to tell you if they feel the same way.

Whether you are planning to go on a picnic, a picturesque bicycle ride or perhaps simply dinner at a well-renowned restaurant, it is important to be prepared as you never know what unforeseen circumstance might cause obstacles to an otherwise perfect day.

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