Shopping for someone besides yourself is tricky. Should it be a gift the other person needs or something they wish for, something they desire?

Secretly I think we can agree that when it comes to the festive season we want to be gifted things that make us feel special like jewellery instead of getting items we need... like new socks.

This year PANDORA’s Winter 2017 ‘Do Get What You Wish For’ campaign encourages women across the world to make their wishes come true by dropping a hint to get that item they've been coveting or lusting after all year. 

The campaign was sparked by a global study of 7 000 women, which found over 60% believe they need to provide their partner with hints to receive the gift of their dreams. It also found that 99% are happy with gifts they receive from their partner when they provide them with hints and almost one third of women in the world feeling like they need to give their partner 3-4 hints to receive a gift they desire. 

PANDORA's new ‘hint’ feature on their eStore, means you can now send digital hints to someone by selecting the “send a hint” option which will direct an email, SMS or social media message to your chosen gift-giver, adding a personalised message. This eliminates the guess work and ensures clueless gift-givers really do get you what you want. 

“Sharing a meaningful gift is such a powerful way of showing a woman how much you appreciate who they are and everything they do...We believe women deserve gifts they really want and we’re proud to be helping them to do this with our latest campaign,” says Minna Phillipson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at PANDORA.

Find your PANDORA lust item on the site. #DoGetWhatYouWishFor