Created in 1969, Number 1 Mageu remains the country’s favourite mealie drink.

A recent competition saw illustrators come up with quirky new designs for the Mageu banana flavour carton.

The winning design by Hannah Smith played on the competition campaign’s #ArtAndSoul hashtag, showing humour and wit by using bananas as hair accessories.

“Her Number 1 design is a celebration of life as we know it in South Africa. Jazzy characters, soulful faces and a coupling of art and photography, this is a showcase of how each unique individual has their own individual flavour,” the brand says about the entry.

Smith won R10 000 for her efforts.

Runner-up Rapule Mathonsi went bright and bold with a woman’s face on the side of the packaging.

“His [design] is inspired by the strong African women in his life.”

Other designers used geometric patterns, banana leaves, intricate pencil drawings and shades of yellow to bring the packaging to life.

Finalist: Kyle van Zyl

Finalist: Kwazi Ndlovu