We've been talking a lot about rape, sexual harassment and gender based violence. In fact, the more we talk, the more it seems that we have to have the same conversations over again because even though many brave women have been coming forward - particularly with regards to the Harvey Weinstein scandal - so many women are still made to feel as if they're at fault.

The problem is that we’re living in a society that not only thinks the onus is on the victim to be more responsible, but that they should also try to avoid being raped by enforcing behaviours that won’t “cause” rapists to lose their self-control.

Which is ridiculous and doesn’t actually address the problem of how to actually stop rapists from raping.  

There are a wealth of books that have been published that address the issue; many we’ve read and reviewed and some we still want to.

The list of books below are our absolute must-reads.  

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