The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory (first published in 2017 by Simon & Schuster)

One of the most interesting and short-lived queens in English history was Lady Jane Grey, the teenage grand-daughter of Henry VIII’s sister Mary Tudor. 

Also known as the nine-day queen, Jane was a pawn in a political game not of her own choosing, and ended up being beheaded by Queen Mary after being locked in the Tower of London.

Left behind were Jane’s sisters Katherine and Mary, now themselves in the precarious position of being too close to the hotly contested throne of England. 

Even when Mary died and her half-sister Elizabeth was crowned, it seemed the Grey sisters will always be a thorn in her side – and she a danger to them and anyone close to them.

Philippa Gregory has become the byword for historical novels and particularly those set in the Tudor period, and true fans won’t be disappointed by her depiction of three women determined to live their lives and follow their hearts. 

History may have cut the Grey sisters’ lives short, but they are brought to vibrant life in The Last Tudor.

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