Can you believe that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a whole 20 years old?

First published on June 26 1997, the book and the rest of the series has become a cultural phenomenon spawning hundreds of millions of readers, being translated into 73 languages and being adapted into 8 movies.

The world has been a lot more magical since that fateful day and we’re (okay, I’m) eternally grateful for it.

Can you believe it took JK Rowling 6 years to write the manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? And then 12 publishers rejected it before Bloomsbury accepted and went ahead with publishing? We bet all those other publishing houses are really regretting that decision now.

To celebrate the special day, Jo tweeted this lovely message to her fans.

Excuse me, I’ve got a little dust in my eye. Someone pass me a tissue, please.

But if you think that’ll give you feels, then get ready for a series of tweets from fans of the series about how The Boy Who Lived made a change in their lives.