We love them. We adore them. But when they fall... We love to laugh at them. Take a look at these GIFs and remember that whenever you take a tumble, there's probably a celebrity somewhere out there doing it too.

Harry Styles

He should have just gone in One Direction.


Girls run the world and they also fall on stage.


Looks like the headbanging was a bit too much for her.

Destiny's Child

That time Michelle fell and Kelly and Beyonce were like 'Whatevs'.

Katy Perry

Looks like Katy had one too many.

Justin Bieber

Note to self - Don't try to do Michael Jackson moves. You'll lose a shoe.


Hello floor! Meet my face.

Lady Gaga

Maybe balancing on a chair AND a piano wasn't such a good idea.

Robbie Williams

'Let me enterta-' whoops!

Jennifer Lawrence

I knew that quilt of a dress would be trouble.

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