Other than being gifted with the talent to act, write, compose, dance, sing or be funny, some celebrities can do uncanny imitations of other celebrities. Check out some of the best celebrity impressions:

1. Benedict Cumberbatch is a master at impressions and has done many in the past, but his eerily accurate Alan Rickman impression just makes all Harry Potter fans smile.

2. We all love Modern Family, but seeing Julie Bowen do a spot-on impersonation of her fellow cast member, Sofia Vergara is amazing. We love the hand and body expressions.

3. You’ll be shocked when you see Drake mimic his friend and fellow Young Money rapper, Lil’ Wayne. It’s fantastic. 

4. Quite a lot of people can do a Nicolas Cage impersonation, but I think The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg nails it to perfection.

5. It’s freaky how accurate and real this sounds, as Disney star Zendaya mimics Nicki Minaj to the tee.   

6. And we couldn’t leave out the best impression of them all - Trevor Noah impersonating President Jacob Zuma.

What’s your favourite celebrity impression? Tell us in the box below.   

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