Ariana Grande was performing at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in London when, in the midst of her performance, Elsa Hosk's (the model responsible) massive pink graffiti wings almost smacked her right in the face.

The show always delivers what is known to be the sexiest show around – filled with an array of celebrities, lingerie for days and exotic models wearing eccentric wings.

Unfortunately, they didn't realise that it was a hazard to performing pop stars. Seriously, look at her face. Poor thing is absolutely terrified. She might have managed to dodge the attack, but Ariana’s cringe face was so meme worthy and the internet will never let that hilarious reaction slide. Here are some of our faves:

Ariana taking pictures with fans (via buzzfeed):

The hairdresser removing her signature hairstyle (via twitter):

Having to twerk with Robin during a VMA performance (via buzzfeed):

She wasn't as brave as Ellen Ripley (via mashable):

Kim kept spilling champagne all over her during the Paper shoot (via bustle):

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