So, okay, like right now, the music video from Iggy Azelea and Charli XCX's new single, "Fancy", is totally a tribute to possibly the best chick flick of all time: Clueless, and it's made us sublimely happy.

Charli XCX plays a slightly polished version of Tai, but it's Iggy's performance as Cher that really taps right into our sense of nostalgia. 

I mean, isn't she a total Betty?

"Fancy" is a song from Iggy's upcoming debut album The New Classic, so we'll be seeing her around, we hope not sporadically!

At first, seeing Cher rap will have you like, totally buggin', but this video is so true to the movie you can't help but love it.

Just check out these screenshots.

Pretty groovy, huh? Watch the full video below:

So like, what do you think?