The Royal knows how to handle a crowd, but it seems that his charms don’t work on toddlers.

During a recent two-day trip to Scotland, William and his baby mama, Kate, were greeting the locals who had gathered to meet them, when he met a little girl, holding a flower, being held by her mother.

William approached the little girl and asked if the flower was for him, but she pulled it away. “Is that for Kate? Yes, you want to give it to her,” he said.

Not one to give up easily, William tried again saying: “You look very pretty. Do you want a kiss?”

Obviously, the crowd voiced it’s approval, with every woman present going: “aw!”, but as soon as William tried to lean in for the kiss, the little girl got a bit shy and turned away from him.

The Prince laughed and seemed to handle it well, but I’m sure his ego took a bit of a knock.

The little girl is four-year-old Shona, who had been waiting for hours to kiss the Prince, but was suddenly overwhelmed with shyness as he leaned in. She even wore her best princess outfit, according to Sky News.

Poor little thing...