Adam Guerra has had 18 cosmetic procedures to prove he is the ultimate Madonna fan. From jaw, cheek surgery and, of course, Botox, this young man has proved that he will stop at nothing to look like the 56-year-old singer, including $100,000 (R1.1 million) on costumes, jewellery and accessories.

I know a lot about extreme fans, I mean I sit with some of the biggest Harry Potter fans on the planet and they go on and on and on, and just when you think they done, they go on again about Harry related things.

But for them a shirt is enough and maybe a trip to that Dumbledore place. I can’t imagine any one of them spending their life savings to look like Hermione or anything.

However, for some people, a shirt and a backstage pass just won’t cut it – they want their idol’s face. Not a tattoo or a sweaty towel. THEY WANT THEIR FACE.

Get a mask or a human size cut-out, but to make yourself look like, I don’t know Madonna is a bit crazy, as in just over R2 million kinds of crazy.

Adam says the reason he wanted to look like his idol was because he saw "somebody who went from nothing to something" and wasn't afraid to be herself.

Hmm, what ever happened to sending celebrities a long "I'm your biggest fan" letter signed with your blood? I'm pretty sure that’s less creepy.

But Adam Guerra isn’t the only person who thinks they’re the ultimate fan.

Remember the 33-year-old die hard Belieber who spent almost spent R1 million over a span of 5 years on botox injections, hair transplants and a ‘smile surgery’ to make his smile Bieberlicious’?

Or the two women that got some rather pricey plastic surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Rodriguez respectively? Thirty year-old wife and dog trainer, Kitty, claimed her co-workers and randoms on the street compared her to Jennifer Lawrence. Only Kitty didn’t want to be compared, she wanted to be J-Law. The same applies for Rosie who also wanted to basically be Michelle Rodriguez’s twin sister.

Just last December, while you were enjoying your Christmas trifle, Jordan James Parke, a British makeup artist was getting his Kim Kardashian on, as in over R1.7 million worth of cosmetic procedures.

I mean with this much money you could ask your favourite celebrity to perform at your birthday party or even spend the day with you at Gold Reef City. 

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