According to GMA Network, the competition was started over 42 years ago by artist, Andrew Logan, in his studio.

The competition has seen a host of very different entrants, including actors, artists, transvestites, disabled men and women, and even a robot entered.

Held at the famous Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on the Southbank of London, the event's very brightly coloured website says this year's theme was "neon numbers".

So what exactly is the Alternative Miss World about? "It's not about beauty - it's about transfomation... It's about creative free-reign, about the ordinary becoming extraordinary," says the site.

And the show certainly is extraordinary. With a host of different contestants ranging in age, race, and gender, there is no limit to the contestants' imagination with some contestants cross-dressing while another contestant turned her wheelchair into a boat car.

The format of the show stays true to beauty pageants like Miss World; there's day wear, evening wear, a swimsuit section, and even a personality interview.

Miss Zero+, whose real name is Sasha Forlova, beat out the competition to be named Alternative Miss World 2014.

This show is truly a celebration of all things weird and wonderful. It embraces diversity and encourages equality, and all with lots of colour, a bit of latex, and hundreds of sequins.

Check out some pictures of the show below: