According to Gossip Cop, the former High School Musical star’s new movie Gimmie Shelter has been the talk of the week. Her transformation from cute high school  girl who sings way too much to a homeless and pregnant teen has been nothing short of amazing and it has us really appreciating the lengths she would go to for her role.

I mean, I could not believe my eyes when I watched the trailer to Gimmie Shelter. The hollowed out eyes, blotchy pasty skin and stringy hair gave Vanessa that oomph she needed to be a troubled teen. Hell, they even manufactured acne on her flawless skin.

She said goodbye to her long brown waves because her character, Apple had short cropped hair. Her pretty dresses were exchanged for masculine outfits that hung onto her slim frame like clothes on a washing line.

Vanessa stars alongside Brenden Fraiser (who plays her father) and Rosario Dawson (who plays her mother). The film is based on a true story about a girl who escapes the clutches of her  drug-addicted mom to find a home with her rich father who abandoned her years ago.

She soon discovers that she is pregnant and her bumpy journey through life continues with twists at every turn.

Well, one thing is for sure, we love her acting skills as much as we love her dedication to play a convincing role.

You rock Vanessa!

Check out the trailer below.

But, what do you think?

Vanessa’s transformation is: