Photoshop is a useful tool, but sometimes companies seem so obsessed with cutting away at everything, that they can completely ruin a perfectly good picture.

Photoshop fails are quite common (remember when Old Navy Photoshopped thigh-gap onto plus sized jeans, or when Target removed their model's vaginas?) but you'd think celebrities would at the least be safe. 

Not really. From Victoria Secret transforming Candice Swanepoel into a skeleton, to Cosmo taking away Iggy Azalea's fabulous arse, even celebs can suffer from an over-zealous image editor.

Even when the pictures don't wind up looking ridiculous or bad, everything from adverts to magazines are constantly using Photoshop unnecessarily to "perfect" already beautiful women, something that has had an unhealthy effect on women and girls worldwide.

That's why we think Bongo Jeans' new ad campaign with Vanessa Hudgens is so great. According to Gossip Cop, Vanessa is not Photoshopped at all. No retouching, no air brushing, no filters: all natural. 

Vanessa herself says she's proud of Bongo for this campaign, and also that it's important for girls to remember that beauty shines from within.

The best thing about these pictures? They actually show how unnecessary all that Photoshop is. Vanessa is absolutely gorgeous without any of it:

Check out more of the pictures here.

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