You’ve probably seen these online petitions. They cover everything from making the price of the new English football team kit more affordable for their fans to putting a stop to sexist kinder eggs and more. But mostly they’re for really serious things issues, like child trafficking, stoning of women, urging governments for clean water and so on. Loads of people share them and sign them every day.

And then there’s this; a petition to get hip hop’s power couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, to comb their daughter’s hair. Because she’s “suffering from the lack of hair moisture” and has developed “matted dreads and lint balls.”

According to Buzzfeed, a woman called Jasmine Toliver created the petition and claims it started as a “clever” joke.

On her Facebook page, Jasmine defended herself by saying “My joke took off anything I guess with "sign a petition" is funny if I would've said "sign a petition to save Lebron James hairline" that would've took off too! It's a clever joke.! Nobody came up with before. These blogs and websites are doing the most. My hair looks like blue ivy right now except its moisturized and detangled. Yes I'm natural.! Have a seat to most people. I can care less about Beyoncé or jay z but I do care for the kids hair. People make nothing out of something. I love being black! I'm proud my bloodline runs from Africa. I'm proud of my own tightly coiled kinks. I'm proud of my big lips and brown skin. People just need to breathe and chill out. (sic)”

She’s also posted numerous links to articles and podcasts about her petition over the last few days.

The petition has gone viral and has sparked a few opinions. Julee Wilson of the Huffington Post says “My eyes see a little girl who just woke up from a nap on her private plane, was just living it up in The Hamptons, and whose hair is free and fabulous.”

While Yesha Callahan from The Root says “Basically, if you’re Beyoncé and Jay Z, you’re damned if you do Blue Ivy’s hair, and you’re damned if you don’t.”

Also, the internet seems to have forgotten that Blue Ivy is two. Two years old. She’s going to live with that hair for the rest of her life. And one day she is going to decide if she wants to go au natural or rock a weave like mommy, but for now her hair is in the care of her mom (and probably a stylist). So these people should just all shut the hell up and worry about the hair on their own heads.

The petition about Blue Ivy's hair is...