The #MeToo movement has proved important, for us all to see people finally beginning to face consequences around revelations and allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Except, has it truly been empowering when some of those accused seem to have come away unscathed?

Recently, comedian Louis CK made headlines for slipping in for a performance at the Comedy Cellar in New York, Channel24 reports. 

He apparently received a standing ovation for his performance.

In spite of that though, the fact that he made an unexpected appearance received a massive amount of backlash, with some comparing his unannounced routine akin to women being on the receiving end of his unwanted attention and advances.

It also resparked a conversation around men being given much more leeway than women in terms of recovering from scandals. 

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And is that really fair? We look at how long it’s taken some women (if they’ve even recovered) to bounce back in comparison to the men who’ve messed up but were granted redemption.

We should add, that we’ve got nothing against celebs who are seeking redemption, but redemption often comes with acts of restoration.

Often women who offer up penance for perceived insults are made to pay years after the fact, but men (with notable exceptions like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby) get off with minimal reputational damage.

Take a look at the list of women vs the men below to see how long it took for women to make their comeback in comparison to men:   

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