A few days ago Kevin Halama posted an Instagram an image of his daughter, Amani, wearing a xibelani which is a traditional Tsonga skirt which is often worn when perform the xibelani dance according to Afropedia.

The father captioned the post "When colour is your birthright...". He went on to tag other celebrities on the post including Sho Madjozi, hoping they would see the post - however it went unnoticed. 

The determined father did not stop there. He sent Sho Madjozi an email explaining why he had gone to great lengths for her to see the image. In the email as posted by Sho Madjozi he said that his 4 year old daughter is a fan of her music and everything she represents.

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He explained that him and his daughter recently visited the child's granmother in Giyani and the 4 year old asked her grandmother to make a xibelani made out of wool. After the skirt was made, the father and daughter created their own photo shoot and the four year old asked that he share the image with Sho Madjozi. 

Sho Madjozi gave an adorable response to the little one's request, saying "I love your xibelani it looks just like mine." We just think that the gesture by Sho Madjozi was absolutely cute and so inspiring. 

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